TOMZN 3 IN 1 Voltage Protector


63A 230V 3IN1 Display Din rail adjustable over and under voltage protective device protector relay with over current protection



Rated voltage: 220V; Frequency: 50Hz/60HZ

Function: 1. Under voltage protection 210V-145V (adjustable) (default: 170V) can be disable

                  2. Over voltage proteciton 230V-300V (adjustable) (default: 270) can be disable

                  3. Over current protection 1A-63A (adjustable) (default: 40A)

                  4. Reconnect time (delay on time): 3s-300s (default: 30s)

                  5. Voltage meter

                  6. Ammeter

                  7. Energy meter

Disable the over voltage protection, press up button when reach to 300V

Disable the under voltage protection, press down button when reach to 150V

When power off, the product can memory the Kwh, over voltage, under voltage and over current value.

When V LED flash, it means over or under voltage protection

When A LED flash, it means over current protection.


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