Solar Batteries

Normal Batteries

Batteries are very important resource in solar power system to store all the power. It is used normal car batteries. Normal batteries are cheap and good. Normal car batteries require some maintenance. The thing is you need to do is fill mineral free water or destilled water(Urd. Taizab) after a period. You have to check the battery after each 6 months or earlier for level of destilled water. Cable connection needs to be clean and tightened. Many battery problems are caused by dirty and loose connections.

Maintenance Free Batteries

Maintenance free batteries do not require any kind of filling of acids. These batteries have a liftime of 1000 charges or some years. So you have to change battery after this time.

How much watt a battery can store?

It depends on battery size and how much Ah(Ampere hour) is a battery. Example if a battery is 65Ah so it can store 780W. We know a battery is 12v and we have 65Ah. P = E * I = 12v * 65 = 780W.

How to increase battery capacity?

By connecting to batteries in parallel it will increase capacity. We are showing you how to connect batteries in parallel on the picture under. You have to connect positive wire from 1st battery over to second battery and connect negative wire over to negative wire on second battery.